What does it mean to be untangled by Semetis?

Untangled by Semetis offers a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on MarTech Implementation, Data Management, Marketing Analytics, and Marketing Automation. With this strategic expansion, we aim to enable businesses to leverage their data effectively and make informed decisions that drive marketing growth and success.

Our clients have always been struggling with technical marketing topics. Their teams are often siloed, causing IT, marketing and legal all to speak different languages. Internally our teams often need to focus on the short term - an obvious consequence of working in a digital advertising agency - while with Untangled we can focus on the bigger picture. It’s our first multidisciplinary team combining developers, data scientists and business strategists, so we are in for a ride!

Frédéric PalellaInnovation & Service Development Director

As digital marketing is becoming more technical every year, Semetis turned this strength into a new selling proposition. Untangled will seamlessly complement Semetis' existing paid media services, strengthening the agency's commitment to providing holistic digital marketing solutions. What sets Untangled apart is the seamless integration of core Semetis expertise. Our team members hail from the heart of Semetis , bringing their experience in performance marketing and a rock-solid business mindset to every project they handle.

Our core expertise

The specific services offered by Untangled include:

Martech implementation

By offering expertise in MarTech Implementation, the team will assist clients in adopting cutting-edge marketing technologies and platforms, streamlining their operations, and maximizing their marketing potential. This includes technologies such as Google Marketing Platform, marketing automation platforms, analytics and personalization tools.

Data management

With an ever-increasing volume of data available to businesses, our unit will guide clients in structuring and organizing their data, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and accessibility. This involves the processes and systems used to collect, store, maintain, and use data to support decision-making.

Marketing Analytics

Our core pillar. We believe there is no need in implementing advanced technologies and data pipelines if it is not to answer a specific business problem. Our Business Intelligence Strategists and Data Scientists work hand in hand to translate your marketing use case into key trends and opportunities, to eventually optimize the marketing strategy, CLV, or ROI for your business.

Marketing Automation

Our team focuses on efficient operations and workflows by creating tools/scripts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our client’s marketing efforts. This involves using technology to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, which allows both our internal teams and clients to save time and focus on higher-value tasks.

Want to know more about it?

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